Prefabricated Steel Joists


OPM also offers the service of prefabricated steel joists, this structural elements have the following characteristics :


Over this division, we offer prefabricated steel joists, these elements area ideal to reduce time for your job, since time = money, you'll be saving money while using that joists, please find below the nomenclature, type and suggested use for the OPM steel joists you might be considering for your construction and/or your next project.



We're not a member of the SJI or AISC institutes

We just follow their outlines and regulations because we recognize their leadership.


Nomenclature of the OPM joists =>


Suggested application

J12L240R1  12 inches depth and 20 fts. length for roofing loads.
J12L240R2  12 inches depth and 20 fts. length for mezzanine loads.
J24L312R1  24 inches depth and 26 fts. length for roofing loads.
J24L312R2  24 inches depth and 26 fts. length for mezzanine loads.
J24L396R1  24 inches depth and 33 fts. length for roofing loads.
J32L396R2  32 inches depth and 33 fts. length for mezzanine loads.
J24L480R1  24 inches depth and 40 fts. length for roofing loads.
J32L480R2  32 inches depth and 40 fts. length for mezzanine loads.

With the above nomenclature, you may request a quote for the joist that fits your needs, example : if you need a 46' joist you just have to specify the height in inches and the type of construction you need, i.e., if there's a depth restriction of 24" and the joist is being used for roofing then the code of such joist would be J24L552R1, on the other hand, if the depth restriction is 31.5" and the joist will be used to take floor loads, the code for that joist would be J31L552R2 or J32L552R2 whatever is the most convenient for your needs.

Check the comparative tables to make sure that your loading requirements are within the standard limits for each of the construction type we handle, for example : if the joist you need a J32L552R2 (32" depth 46' long constructed to take floor loads), and the load you need the joist to take is 154 PSF, note that R2's loading limits vary from 108 to 129 PSF, therefore, you must specify your requirement this way : a joist J32L552R2 to take 154 PSF.

That joist load limits don't mean the joist cannot take more or less loads, that load range is shown as a guide and example on how to decide the joist dimensioning and ordering  code only. All steel joist is designed specifically for the required application.

Unsure about the required load capacity of the joist you need?  Give us a call and allow our engineering team to design, propose and quote the right joist choice for you at NO extra cost, try our service...

Quotations are shop-outlet cost in US dollars, the shipping and handling depends on the final destination and it's not included in the quote, for more information please contact by mail   info@opm.com.mx   or  opm_chihuahua@hotmail.com   or call [+52](614) 410 1577

All steel joists and all other structural elements designed and fabricated by OPM are adhered to and following outlines and specifications from the AISC and SJI, using wire welders, and can be delivered with no finish or with an anticorrosive primer and/or white enamel finish layer, this is all up to the client's choice.  Other optional enamels, primers, polyurethane or intumesce coatings or special treatments like sand blasting, are available upon request.

If you need measures and/or special designs or requirements, please contact us and we assure you that the you will get a very competitive proposal for the design, fabrication, delivery and erection for almost any kind of steel structure.  Calculations memory has no extra cost for elements designed by OPM

This service can include the delivery anywhere in Mexico, and the southwest of the United States (setting up the drawings to meet the requirements of the specific country/state would have an extra charge), also, the delivery time and cost depend on the final destination and the availability of the services in your area.  Also, as part of the service, the delivery includes free tracking of your shipment.

To get a quote on joists or other type of steel structure please contact us, we'll be glad to serve you, we can take care of your needs anywhere in Mexico, you may contact us by phone in regular business days/hours. (our time is the mountain time of the USA) or drop us a few lines by email  info@opm.com.mx


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